My Heaven

Afraid that everything is over now.

How stupid of me, you made me your laughing stock.

I close my eyes and I can still feel the taste of your lips.

I hate how much I want them.

But I’ll make sure I never have them.

Like the poor possessing a winning lottery ticket.

Unable to make a wise decision on how to spend it.

A high so blind it leaves him broken.

His heart in such rush he does the unspoken.

My luscious hormones like his heart beat.

And you my dear, my winning lottery ticket.

In all, it’s just a tragedy.

He was, he is, he ought to be my kingdom, my heaven.

You, just the earth, perhaps my world.

Why would such fool choose the world over heaven?

Maybe I am a fool.

Or he might not be my heaven.

And this…

A game of hide and seek.

I have found the ultimate hiding place in him.

I’ve been hiding for hours, for years.

No one seems to find me.

A myriad of souls have come close but lose interest in seeking for more.

I didn’t much mind, for complacent I was with the illusion of heaven.

But then I met earth,

And my mouth was left throbbing for more.

And now my delusional brain settles for earth and rejects heaven.


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